Denton’s Fish Illustrations

Sherman Foote Denton was an American naturalist and artist who became famous for his beautiful, and highly accrete watercolors of fish. In 1895, the State of New York commissioned him to produce illustrations for the annual Fisheries, Game and Forest reports. This happy relationship continued for over the years during which Denton created extremely high quality […]

Fruits of New York

  Cherries, Apples, Grapes Peaches and Pears comprise the collection of chromolithographs published by the State of New York in a series of beautifully primed books which documented al of the frights cultivated in the state. Many of these illustrations have become quite collectible. Published in the early twentieth century, these plates are nearly 100 years […]

Audubon Royal Octavos

Original hand colored lithographs from the first American edition of Audubon’s monumental work The Birds of America. These rare plates come from the only American edition produced under John James Audubon’s personal supervision. Issued between the years 1840-1844 by Audubon in cooperation with the lithographer J.T. Bowen of Philadelphia, these are the most desirable and […]

Curtis Botanical Magazine

Glen Arbor Botanicals has an extensive collection of engravings from the London publication Botanical Magazine, or Flower Garden Displayed, established by William Curtis in 1787. In those days, plants were being brought to England from all around the world, and there was great public interest in botany and gardening. The plants were illustrated by engravings printed on […]