Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London

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Beautiful flower and fruit illustrations accompanied reports from the members of the Horticultural Society of New York throughout the 1820’s. Techniques used included engraving, aquatint and stipple, all richly colored by hand.

The majority of the plates in the early volumes are by the very famous William Hooker, and the fruit plates represent some of his best work.

Denton’s Fish Illustrations

Denton Brook Trout_edited-1Sherman Foote Denton was an American naturalist and artist who became famous for his beautiful, and highly accrete watercolors of fish. In 1895, the State of New York commissioned him to produce illustrations for the annual Fisheries, Game and Forest reports. This happy relationship continued for over the years during which Denton created extremely high quality color printed lithographs. A separate stone is uses to print each color, and the delicacy with which Sherman blended the colors gives each fish a wonderful realistic iridescence. As the Annual Report states, ” no colored figures of fishes in existence exceed them for truthfulness or beauty of execution.”

Fruits of New York


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Cherries, Apples, Grapes Peaches and Pears comprise the collection of chromolithographs published by the State of New York in a series of beautifully primed books which documented al of the frights cultivated in the state. Many of these illustrations have become quite collectible. Published in the early twentieth century, these plates are nearly 100 years old. Glen Arbor Botanicals has many plates beautifully framed individually and in sets.


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Published in London in 1907 by John and Horace Wright, “The Vegetable Growers Guide ” features beautiful color illustrations of vegetables grown in England at the time. Some of these were quire common and others were rare and more recently introduced.

Decorative colored prints of vegetables are fairly scarce, as the horticulturists tended to focus their efforts on showy flowers instead. These charming prints give the vegetables the dignity that they deserve!

About Us


Ann Derrick and Brendan Burrows created and opened Glen Arbor Botanicals in 2001. The gallery is a culmination of Ann’s personal passion for antique art, and her life long collection of natural history illustrations. Ann combines her background in art history and her professional experience in the art business in the Detroit area to bring an exclusive selection of fine collectables to Glen Arbor.

GAB int bins 4x6The gallery began with antique botanical prints as the main emphasis from European publications dating from the late 1700s. All botanicals are original, not reproductions, and are hand colored engravings or lithographs.Over time, Ann has extended her collections to include birds, butterflies, insects, antique garden designs,  food prints,  and other collectable genre. Original Audubon lithographs, Denton’s well-known fish illustrations, and an extensive collection of plates from Curtis’s Botanical Magazine feature local and favorite wild flowers.

Glen Arbor Botanicals also features limited editions of Japanese woodblock prints. Well know artists such as Hajime Namiki, Fumio Fujita, and Masao Ido are included. Ann selects pieces in keeping with the general theme of the gallery; forests of birch and pine reflecting our own northern Michigan woods, cherry blossoms and maple tree prints depicted in rich tones provide classic examples of the Japanese mastery of elegant simplicity and composition.

Glen Arbor Botanicals frames all pieces with museum quality materials, conservation matt board, and UV filtering glass so that your art will be protected for years to come. We are happy to accommodate your taste in framing or arrange a group with matching frames.

Designed and built by Brendan, the gallery building itself  incorporates two red pine trees growing through the roof. The space is light and airy with a cottage feel; complete with a spot to sit and read.We invite you to visit and enjoy our collections from May through October.Collectors with questions or special requests can contact Ann anytime via email.

Contact Us

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Call us at 231-344-3404

Glen Arbor Botanicals is located at 6590 Western Avenue in Glen Arbor, Michigan 49636

We are open daily Memorial Day through Labor Day, and weekends well into the fall.If you are in the area after Labor Day call ahead, or just ask for Ann at the Good Harbor Grill next door. Our summer hours of operation are:

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